5 Unashamedly Modernist Bathroom Ideas

Do you dream of a contemporary bathroom verging on the minimal –  without a clinical feel? Bathed in tons of natural daylight with streamlined storage that is complementary to the design? Then these five unashamedly modernist bathrooms will tick all the boxes.


As well as being very contemporary in design, these bathrooms all utilise space and natural light extremely well to create an aesthetically pleasing design that’s big on functionality.


1. Keep it light, bright and white

Rodić Davidson Architects’ transformation of a former artist’s studio in Glebe Place, Chelsea boasts a slick, minimalist bathroom in keeping with the property’s overall design.


The bathroom’s totally white interior is punctuated with artwork to provide a simple pop of colour to the clean, yet inviting design. A glass ceiling and ample windows allow maximum natural light to flood in. Reflective surfaces including a glass shower screen, floor to ceiling mirror and white resin floor help to bounce both natural and artificial light around the space.


Modern fixtures and fittings subtly take centre stage with a deep counter top providing essential bathroom storage and housing for a recessed sink. A beautiful, contemporary freestanding oval bath delivers organic curves to soften the bathroom’s overall angular design.



2. Play with scale

Award winning interior designer, Kelly Hoppen, embraces oversized freestanding sinks paired with a simple freestanding bath to deliver a very unique bathroom design. Contemporary, symmetrical and incredibly elegant, this bathroom definitely commands attention.



3. Modestly monochrome

The bold use of large black square tiles and white oblong tiles with marble effect flooring delivers texture and contrast in this modern bathroom. The subtly patterned black tiles showcase a beautiful, freestanding Victorian Slipper Roll Top Bath with polished silver claw feet. This nod to yesteryear is combined with black bathroom accessories and monochrome artwork to successfully convey a sense of the contemporary.




4. Maximise the view

Loyn & Co Architects’ transformation of Stormy Castle includes a bathroom with huge floor to ceiling windows to utilise the natural light and stunning views on offer in Gower, Wales.


A large, modern oversized mirror expands the space, whilst centring the bathroom furniture with twin counter top sinks. And a modern, freestanding oval bath positioned to enjoy the stunning natural scenery echoes the shaping of the sinks to provide fluidity in the design.




5. Warming tones of wood

This minimalist bathroom design is anything but clinical with its clever use of wood. By showcasing the different textures and warm tones found in the ingenious seating, flooring, ceiling and bath itself, this design remains contemporary and very inviting.


The generous windows, use of space and positioning of the gorgeous wooden bath clearly indicate that this room is all about bathing and relaxation.




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