Lighting – the overlooked bathroom feature

So you’ve just re-tiled your bathroom with those gorgeous tiles you’ve had your eye on for months. You’ve installed a new bath, matching taps, and you’re sure the place is going to outshine its former self to the point of blindness.

You step into your brand new bathroom with high expectations, only to discover the place fails to meet them at all. Despite all the money you have put into your bathroom, despite all the time and effort spent, the place still lacks that certain something. It still looks cold and uninviting.

One of the most easily overlooked features of a bathroom is lighting. Because it is not a physical feature in the sense that a toilet or a sink is, overly garish lighting can go unnoticed enough not to be noted as the main problem in a bathroom, but still cause all the problems it is the source of. It is difficult to relax in overly bright surroundings and difficult to see what you are doing in overly dim lighting.

If your bathroom has a small window, you will have to rely almost exclusively on artificial lighting to set the mood of your bathroom. For those a little less attuned to the impact lighting can have on a room, there isn’t much more to lights than fitting the occasional bulb. But placing and shape can make or break a bathroom. Gone are the days of a solitary ceiling bulb. Lighting fixtures can be fitted almost anywhere in the contemporary bathroom.

You also have the choice of subtle changes of colour, and bathroom dimmer switches are becoming a common feature for those who take the atmosphere of their bathroom seriously.

Light shines on everything, and if it’s not the right light shining, you will probably notice straightaway.

So, be it spotlight or chandelier, get the light that reflects your personality best.

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