Leonardo DiCaprio’s New Bathrooms

Leonardo DiCaprio has been breaking hearts on screen since the early 1990s. Since then he has starred in several blockbusters from Romeo + Juliet (1996) and Titanic (1997) to Inception (2010) and The Great Gatsby (2013). Unbelievably, he has another 10 in production between now and 2016.


You’d be forgiven for wondering where a heart-throb like DiCaprio lives. We can tell you that he recently invested $10 million in an eco-friendly apartment in New York. The $10million buys him a two bed apartment on the fourth floor which also boasts two and a half bathrooms. What is half a bathroom? Does that mean a cloakroom? Apparently it does!



His new home in Greenwich Village promises – according to the developers – to ‘support his health, wellbeing and lifestyle’ as well as being sustainable. In these particular apartments they claim to introduce more than ‘75 wellness amenities and innovations to address 23 health pathways’ with purified air and water, light, nutrition and sleep. Sounds like something out of film!

These wellness amenities include Vitamin C infused showers, posture supportive heat reflexology flooring (is this just a fancy term for underfloor heating?), a circulated aromatherapy air supply and optimal lighting with ‘dawn simulation’ to match your natural circadian rhythm. Apparently vitamin C showers have a vitamin C filter which de-chlorinates the water although scientists questions how effective they are. What’s wrong with a super power-shower we say?


Property portfolio

Dicaprio has been growing his property portfolio this year with two other eco-apartments in New York’s Battery Park, one worth $4 million and the second $8 million. How many bathrooms altogether we wonder?


He’s also invested $5.2 million on a six bedroom mansion in Palm Springs, which houses seven bathrooms. And he already owned a seafront place in Malibu. Seems like there’s no stopping him!


All those bathrooms

Imagine having all those bathrooms to design and furnish. Though we’re sure that the new apartments in New York are already designed and installed. But the property in Palm Springs – what if you need to refurb? It would be like all your birthdays come at once. No having to choose between the many styles available, especially if you had the earning capacity of Mr Dicaprio. You could have your favourite and next best and so on…




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