How to Choose a Limestone Floor

Which Style of Limestone?

Limestone remains one of the most popular choices of Natural Stone flooring. It can suit both residential and commercial situations.  From country cottage to stately home, in a town house or even a new build; limestone tiles can be found to suit.

For an über-modern look, use large sharp-edged tiles. Random sizes with gently undulating edges can make a new floor look as if it been laid for years. Uniform square edged tiles with contrasting coloured inserts can give a grand feel to an entrance hall.


Things to Consider

Limestone is a very diverse material, available in many different colours, varying from plain to wild in movement and with differing degrees of hardness and porosity. This must be a consideration when choosing your floor.

For high-traffic commercial situations such as restaurants and shops, a low porosity stone is a must, and hardness is also very helpful, though not necessarily essential. This will ensure that your limestone is hard-wearing and long-lasting in this environment.

In domestic situations there is much less foot traffic, so hardness and porosity will not be such an important issue. As long as the limestone floor has been sealed and installed properly, it should be hard-wearing enough for the home. The only areas of the home where you may wish to consider low porosity stone would be kitchens and perhaps a high-traffic hallway.

Having a low porosity will facilitate easy maintenance and lower the risks of staining and marking. All Limestone floors are sealed in the installation process and this is vital to the longevity of the look of the flooring.

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