A home for your collections

Many people prefer the minimalist look and avoid hoarding at all costs, but there are a great many others who are the complete opposite.


Collections usually start innocently. You see something that really attracts you – it may or may not have a purpose – and you pick it up or buy it. From this modest starting point it’s very easy to get caught up in ‘collection mode’.


Whether it’s sea shells, rocks from the beach, or vintage hand mirrors found at a market; once you have one, you have to be very restrained to keep it that way. It’s not only self control you need: if you wax too lyrical, you can also find yourself the receiver of gifts to match your collection, from pottery ducks to vintage jugs.


Could pebbles make a stylish collection?


Where can you house a collection?

By the time you have three or four similar items, your collection is well under way.  What do you do with it now? Of course many people choose to show it off; displaying all items together. Again, how and where you choose to do this rather depends on the size of the items.


The smallest room

The cloakroom can be the perfect place to house your collections, as long as the items aren’t too big. Unless your collection is of considerable value, it also means the pieces are ‘out of the way’!


The cloakroom certainly works for collections that will fit on a shelf above the loo or can be displayed on the walls.



A wall of pictures in frames can look very sophisticated in your downstairs loo. A gallery of images can make a great impact in frames of the same size and colour or a mis-match of shapes and finishes. Even empty frames can look effective.



If wall clocks seem to have gathered in your home, why not make a wall display of these in the cloakroom? After all, you probably don’t need them throughout the house now that every electrical appliance has its own clock. As a gallery display, you could have them all set at different times just for fun. Hand mirrors can also look really good adorning and decorating a wall.


Decoration over function

Of course don’t let the decoration overtake the function of the room.  If your cloakroom facilities look as though they need an update now you’ve made it into a smart gallery space, there are some great modern ranges available.


It’s important not to forget the original and main function of this space.



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