Would you have a ‘green wall’ in your bathroom?

If someone said they had a green wall in their bathroom, you might ponder as to which shade of green they chosen to paint it. …But maybe you should actually be pondering which plants feature in their vertical planting.


The latter trend has predominantly been the territory of commercial buildings, with green walls featuring both externally and internally. From office buildings to the Qantas First Lounge at Sydney International Airport, planted walls are very en vogue.


Why is this trend so popular?

Living green walls are both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to our wellbeing. When used as installations in the interiors of commercial properties they address poor air quality by purifying the air and reducing sickness and absenteeism amongst the workforce.


Lately the trend has infiltrated residential properties and can be found in both kitchens and bathrooms adding a unique spin on ‘bringing the outdoors in’.


As a feature wall

Green walls make excellent feature walls in the bathroom. The result is absolutely stunning when combined with a white interior and a deep, contemporary stone resin bath. Centrally wall mounted taps ensure that no end is off limits.


This bathroom definitely invites you to lie back and immerse yourself in nature.



As framing

Plants are great stress-relievers, so what better place to position a living green wall than around the most stressful area in the bathroom? The mirror.


A mixture of lush, green foliage frames and covers the wall, just as it would in the garden. Natural light floods in from above and handy bathroom furniture with an integral sink takes care of any bathroom clutter.



For scale

Bathrooms with high ceilings and huge windows providing plenty of natural light are ideal for green walls.


The clever use of scale in this bathroom creates an interesting and unique space. The white Victorian Slipper Roll Top Bath looks amazing against the tall backdrop of living plants, which also helps to soften the design’s industrial feel. A green mosaic tiled wall acts as a room divider for privacy and supports a contemporary white basin and polished metal wash stand.



As wall covering

Azuma Makoto’s bathroom concept, as seen at Tokyo’s House Vision 2013 exhibition, may not be feasible in domestic properties but it is still fairly amazing.


Green walls dominate as the decorative wall covering and under-glass planting as the flooring to truly embody being at one with nature. A simple yet stylish white wall mounted toilet and sink ‘float’ against the backdrop of green planting.

As art

For a more modest take on the idea, a contained vertical planter offers the suggestion of a green wall that also doubles as living artwork. Fill it with sculptural, humidity-loving plants in a variety of sizes and tones.

A living green wall in your bathroom will certainly make a bold design statement.


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