In the Christmas Mood – Sleigh Bath

With absolutely no apologies we’d like to tell you about a sleigh shaped bath. It’s December and we have Christmas on our minds – although dreams of long bath soaks may still seem far off when you’re in the midst of Christmas shopping or trying to get all those orders out before the seasonal holiday.


No matter what your beliefs, most of us have a seasonal holiday to spend in the way we enjoy most. For many of us that revolves around family, friends and food. For some of us it’s the chance to unwind and catch our breath after the busy build-up.


A sleigh shaped bath…

We found this glorious two-person sleigh shaped bath that would be perfect for those of you wanting a lazy, romantic Christmas.


Beautifully designed in stainless steel and glass; this bath tub has a ‘dimpled’ anti-slip base, but leaves nothing to the imagination with its clear glass sides. For that extra bit of luxury, it has a heated headrest …bliss. A classy floor standing bath filler would perfect the whole look.


Some alternatives

It’s designed and manufactured in the States, so you may have to wait before something similar arrives on these shores. Not that you don’t already have a great range of options. Try the Reader or the Luca designer bath tubs for something to lie back and relax in. If you favour a more traditional look; try these beautifully modern twists like the Rocco, the Bateau or the Victorian Slipper Bath tubs. You can’t to see through the sides of these …but maybe that’s a good thing.



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