Choose Your Era

A vast range of choices

If you want to redesign your bathroom, there are an amazing range of choices out there. Up to the minute or referencing interior design history, you can choose your preference.


A touch of Victoriana

There are still a few old Victorian baths to be found and restored but the replicas are also so good – and so much less hassle these days – that your dream of a Victorian style bathroom is simple to fix.


Livinghouse have a number of freestanding roll top baths complete with claw feet all cleverly copying the Victorian style. You can even find ones that span into the Edwardian era when Queen Victoria’s son Edward VII reigned for a short nine years (1901 – 1910). Or hark back to the Century before Victoria reigned and referencing the fun Rococo style of 18th Century started in France.


In truth, unless you are an historical fanatic, all of Livinghouse’s roll top baths would look well in a nostalgic bathroom. Most of them share their ancestors’ material of choice and are manufactured from cast iron with a hard wearing enamel finish. One or two have acrylic interiors or are made from rigid stone resin.


Decorative Art Deco

In the early 20th Century (1920’s – 1940’s), a fancy period flourished. Many of the buildings in New York for instance show perfect Art Deco touches. Think of the Chrysler Building and the entrance of the Empire State Building.


More recently films like The Great Gatsby and even the Batman trilogy brought signs of an Art Deco influence to our screens.


The basic premise is of geometric shapes including zigzags and chevrons; sunburst motifs; and materials such as chrome, aluminium, Bakelite, plastic and even stainless steel. From Livinghouse you can put together a great Art Deco bathroom choosing either a Victorian style bath with an aluminium finish or a contemporary bath, pairing them with great Art Deco wash stands and sinks.


The 1950’s classics

If your retro favourites don’t go back so far, you can recreate a 1950’s – 1980’s classic with a built in bath and a pedestal washstand.


Up to the minute

Of course styles never stand still and however hard you try, bathrooms can begin to look dated. But if you want something as up-to-the-minute as you can get, look no further than Livinghouse’s great range of contemporary, designer baths.


The range of freestanding baths come in a number of shapes, sizes and colours – and are made from high quality stone mineral resin. Alternatively there are wooden and solid stone options too.


In fact, you can find just about anything you need to complement and accessorise your choice of bathroom – including taps, shower cubicles, radiators and tiles. It’s the complete one-stop shop!

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