Why Use a Bidet?

Bidets aren’t as popular here in the UK as in other countries, so you may find yourself wondering why you would ever need to use one. Washing with a bidet is quite an alien concept to some people, but there are actually a lot of benefits to this bathroom fixture.



Without being too graphic, here are some of the key advantages of bidets:



It’s a simple fact in any situation – washing with water is much more effective for getting clean than simply wiping with dry paper. You don’t clean dirty dishes with dry paper. If you get messy hands, you immediately wash them under the tap. So why is paper satisfactory for your more sensitive areas?


More Hygienic

Washing with water is more effective against bacteria. Toilet paper is actually more likely to spread the bacteria around, rather than cleaning it.



Toilet paper can be abrasive against your skin. Some papers contain chemicals that may irritate sensitive skin. Bidets offer soothing water to clean in comfort.


Environmentally Friendly

Although using a bidet means that you are using more water personally; according to Scientific American, the production of toilet paper in the USA alone uses over 473 billion gallons of water each year. This also requires at least 15 million trees annually for the paper, and 17.3 terawatts of electricity used in manufacturing.


Money Saving

Once you have the bidet installed, it becomes much more cost effective to use than toilet paper. It will probably add just fractions of a penny to your water bill – compare this to what you regularly spend on packs of toilet paper.



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