Bathtubs in the Bedroom?

First it was en-suites – no self-respecting master bedroom could survive without one. Now the bedroom with a bathtub is here – though it’s far from a new idea. In fact the bedroom was where the first bathtubs were housed.

In the 19th Century only the upper classes could afford bathtubs, but they still didn’t have a dedicated room for bathing.


Now inspired more by chic hotels than history; the popularity of bathtubs in bedrooms has grown over the past ten years.


What do you think about this concept? Would you like a statement tub in your bedroom?


The temptation

The luxury of soaking in your own private bath and then slipping straight into bed does sound tempting. But if you have children, this might be more difficult – unless you have strict rules about access to your bedroom!


Some people see a bedroom bath as the perfect way to relax after a hard day’s work. If the room is lucky enough to have a picturesque view, this can be even more tempting. As long as you don’t feel too exposed.


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The reality

Mixing steamy baths with the bedroom means unfortunately you’ll need to have windows open to reduce condensation. Either that or an exceptionally strong fan.


Personally, as nice as would be to relax in a warm bath in the comfort of the bedroom; the thought of all that condensation concerns me more. Steamed windows, walls and mirrors will need constant wiping and cleaning. The possibility of a slightly damp bed mean it’s a real no-go concept for me.


Alternative measures

Many houses with sufficient space have en-suites as we’ve mentioned. The latest trend for these is a glass partition either with some frosting for modesty’s sake or completely clear.


You can use this to make a an open-plan, wet room style en-suite. This style keeps the amenities close to the bedroom and the glass makes the area seem larger than it is.


If you still prefer a little more privacy and you have the space, double-door access to your en suite could help. You could open the doors wide when it suits you. And the doors can always be closed when you choose to take a bath.

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