Bathrooms with a view

The positioning of your bathroom furniture is an important decision. Placing your bath in front of a clear window sounds like a crazy idea – unless you’re fortunate enough have a non-overlooked bathroom window, with picturesque views beyond.  But there is something ultimately romantic about the idea of lazing in the bath, gazing out at a city skyline or tranquil beach.

 Bathrooms with a view


For most of us though, it would be impractical to have a bath next to the window. Unless you have a body beautiful, you probably want some privacy when you are bathing.


If this is the only place your tub will fit, try these solutions for some added privacy:

  • Frosted, tinted or patterned glass: change the panes of glass so no-one can see in. But bear in mind that you also can’t see out!
  • Cover the glass in opaque film: these are an increasingly popular DIY option (just cut to size and peel off the backing).
  • Use a fold out screen to obscure the view when you are actually using the bath
  • Indulge in frosted Perspex shutters for a slick modern look.  These can be shut to keep your modesty intact, and opened when the bath isn’t in use.
  • Layers of flimsy sheer materials and a lightweight blind would keep you out of view and add to the romanticism.


Of course if your stand alone bath is on view, you’ll need something extra special.  Take a look at our exclusive ranges of  contemporary or traditional bathtubs.



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