Bathroom Window Treatments

How do you treat your bathroom windows?

We are fortunate that there are many options for window dressing these days. Of course what you choose for your bathroom depends on a number of things from personal choice, bathroom style, and what function you need the window dressing to play.


Obscured windows

If your bathroom is overlooked by neighbours, or you personally like to ensure that no-one from even a mile away can see in, then you may prefer some obscured glass for your windows.  There are many lightly textured glasses available which still allow the the light in, but keep out prying eyes.


You can also now purchase a number of high quality films which can be cut to size and ‘stuck’ to plain windows. Again these still allow the light to filter through.


Window location

Where your window is located may also influence your choice of dressing. If your window is close to the basin or the bath, then flowing sumptuous curtains probably aren’t the answer. Unless you don’t mind them getting wet and risking mould forming! It’s better to save flowing curtains for the bedroom.


Choices to consider

You still have many choices including a variety of blinds to shutters which will weather the splashes well.


Bottom-up blinds

Bottom-up blinds

Blinds come in a number of different styles, most of which will be familiar to you. Standard is the roller blind. Many of these are treated so that they withstand bathrooms and kitchens. You can also get ones that roll from the

base up. This type is fixed to the window sill and pulls up obscuring the window. You can chose to pull them up as far as you need so that they can act like a bottom textured panel of glass.


Roman blinds – folds of material – work well at bathroom windows. The folds give the blinds a little more interest than a plain roller. They look equally good in plain colours or patterned.


Fussier blinds such as Festoon or Austrian blinds are not well suited to the bathroom to deal with all that moisture. But the styles might work with a particularly sumptuous style.


Venetian blinds of course work really well with bathroom windows and allow you to open fully or pull up when not in use. You can also leave them partially open to shade the bathroom if you prefer.



Interior shutters have regained popularity over recent decades and can look very slick. These can just be used when you are in the bath or at night.  They are mostly made from wood but are also available in good quality plastic.


The most popular styles have ‘louvres’, or slats, that open and close to let light in. They are made-to-measure for your particular windows.


If you really want to splash the cash then investigate Perspex ones. These shutters fit perfectly with modern, contemporary bathrooms. They let the light in but keep those prying eyes out again. Perspex shutters also come in a variety of colours too.

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