All I want for Christmas …is a new bathroom

Christmas is coming. Obvious statement but one that throws many of us into panic. There’s a lot to think about. If you have family or friends coming to stay, it may not be just presents and menus causing concern.


With all these extra people in the house, you may find that bathroom queues become an issue.


Chances are you don’t have spare space ready and waiting to be turned into a guest bathroom. If you do that’s perfect because you can just start from scratch. But more likely you’ll just want to tidy-up or upgrade your existing bathroom before your guests arrive.


As long as you can find a bathroom contractor or plumber available to do the work, the eight or so weeks to go should be ample time.




The Plan

Before you contact your tradesperson; be clear about what you want, and importantly, what budget you have. With your budget sorted, you’ll know whether you are talking about a complete refurbishment or a tidy up.


The Full Monty

Whether it’s your cloakroom, family or second bathroom, you’ll be spoilt for choice for new fixtures.


If you have room to add a shower to your cloakroom; that will help with space and queues when the house is full. If your family bathroom has seem better days, now’s a good time to revamp. There are plenty of good quality, modern options for you to choose from. Maybe you can even rearrange how your bath, toilet and basin fit into the space.


If the bathroom is cramped, consider swapping the bath for a double shower cubicle. This is extremely practical, especially if it isn’t the only bathroom in the house.


Spick and Span

If neither budget nor space allow for the full treatment; redecoration can really lift a scruffy bathroom. Repainting or wallpapering, replacing curtains or blinds, and investing in new towels are good starting points.


You could also consider replacing your floor covering or even re-tiling – walls or floors – if the ones currently in place are looking shabby.


Maybe you’d really like to make a difference by changing your taps – you’ll be amazed at the lift this one little change will make. Or maybe your bath could be changed for a free standing version. Imagine the impact that would have.


Decision Time

Once you’ve made a few decisions or are brimming with ideas, it’s worth looking around to see what’s out there. Most people don’t buy bathrooms everyday, so checking on prices and styles is important. If you crave an ultra modern bathroom with only the best fixtures and fittings, you won’t be disappointed.


Make your decision between the full Monty or the big clean up and get the project started. A new or spruced up bath room will give you all a Happy Christmas.

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