Autumn Gardening Tips

It’s now officially autumn. At this time of year you’ll start to see some big changes in your garden.


So here are our tips for keeping your garden in check throughout the season…



Sharpen Tools

Your pruning and trimming tasks will be easier and safer if your tools are nice and sharp. So remember to sharpen any secateurs, and replace blades on pruning saws.


Trim Hedges

Give your hedges a final trim ready for the onset of winter. Cut back conifers to keep them under control right through to Spring. Trimming any deciduous hedges leaves just the juvenile foliage – this will turn brown but remain on the branch, so there will still be some density to the hedge.


Gather Leaves

Fallen leaves are a constant reminder that autumn has arrived. Clear them up and add them to your compost heap.


Weed and Feed 

Check your lawn and paths for weeds, and spray and any that you find. Give your lawn one last feed before winter comes around. This will help it to stay alive through the cold months.


Sow Grass Seed

Autumn is your last chance to sow grass seed. Do it before the colder weather hits, so  it has a chance to take root.


lawn seed



As the summer months are ending, your grass will be growing at a slower rate. This will be a relief to many as the colder seasons mean you’ll be spending less time out with the lawnmower. But bear in mind that because of this, you may need to raise the height of your lawnmower blades up from their low summer setting.


Prepare the Soil

Get your soil ready for next year by mixing in compost and manure to replenish the nutrient content.


Add Mulch

Lay mulch between plants and shrubs before winter to protect the soil and lock-in the vital nutrients.


Plant Bulbs

Plant bulbs now for a colourful spring display next year.

Planting Bulbs

Image: BBC


Take Cuttings

If you want to make new plants from the ones you have, autumn is the time to take cuttings. These should be around 10cm in size. Remove the lower leaves and plant into small containers of premium soil.


Move Containers

Move pots to a frost-free area, or into a greenhouse, to avoid damage through winter. Raise outdoor pots to avoid water-logging.



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