Alex James loves Japanese toilets

A Japanese toilet seat is the answer according to Alex James

You probably remember Alex James as bass player in the band Blur or you may have come across him as foodie columnist in some of the national press. He has taken his love of food even further by producing artisan cheeses on his farm in Oxfordshire.


What’s all this to do with bathrooms you ask? When you hear that Alex James writes newspaper columns, you expect the subjects to be music, food, farming, festivals – but never toilet seats.


But in his countryside column in The Telegraph, he tells of his desire for a Japanese toilet seat! The man never ceases to surprise.



a high-tech Japanese toilet seat like Alex James’ (via TOTO)

What’s so special…

… about a Japanese toilet seat? According to Alex James, this (almost literally) all singing and dancing version does everything you need. So after the he’s treated himself to one and believes it’s worth every penny of £350 he paid for it. I wonder what that is in Yen?


He reckons toilet seats have developed at a pace in this Asian country known for its technological advancements. James compares the pace to that of mobile phones – but no, this toilet seat doesn’t have one attached. Not yet anyway.


The one that he’s bought will fit standard toilets, but needs electric and water feeds, so it’s a little more difficult to fit than an ordinary loo seat.


Reasons to desire and own a Japanese loo seat

The reasons he has decided on this addition to his toilet:


  • The motion sensor that recognises someone has come into the bathroom and automatically raises the lid
  • The heater that warms the seat for you in less than seven seconds
  • The music that can be selected via the wall-mounted remote control panel
  • Or the ‘power deodoriser’ also operated via the remote control
  • By selecting ‘jet’ or ‘spray’ you activate a nozzle which flushes you just where it’s necessary with warm water (sensors tell the nozzle exactly where you are sitting)
  • The ability to adjust the intensity of the spray
  • An oscillate function which makes the jet pulse
  • There is also a ‘lady button’ which James admits wouldn’t work for him!
  • A warm air function to complete your visit
  • Followed by an automatic flush and lid close


Well that solves the problem of ensuring the lid is always closed. James can’t recommend it enough!




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