5 Top Bathroom Trends

The trendiest bathrooms

According to Apartment Therapy, there are five trends that they’re noticing time and again in bathroom designs recently. Here’s their take on up-to-the-minute bathroom trends:


When is a bathroom not a bathroom?

Bathrooms seem to be more than functional in current trends and as a result we tend to spend more time in them. The feeling is more individual and the bathroom is now where furniture and art play their part.


The consensus seems to be that bathrooms don’t need to look like bathrooms at all. They can be decorated and furnished like any other room no matter what your preferred style. We think the mad eclectic and colourful look best supports this look where you almost have to hunt for the bathroom fixtures.


Keeping a natural element

White decoration and fixtures certainly keep lines clean and really evoke a modern look. Add natural wood and the look is super sleek.


From wooden panels on the walls behind pristine white sinks and mirrors to wooden floors leading into a wet room tiled floor to high with white subway tiles. Or try mixing a wooden floor with a white painted wood panelled wall keeping all the fixtures very square. It’s a real mix of styles.


Custom built under sink storage in pale, chunky wood can add a touch of modern rustic or standing your roll top bath on a wide panelled, warm wood floor, a really cosy atmosphere despite whole walls tiled in white.


Pattern is returning

The return of wall paper after many years of non-use has inspired our increasing love for pattern. Of course in an otherwise plain bathroom coloured floor tiles look very effective too.


Consider brightly coloured encaustic, modern tiles or old Spanish tiles for the pièce de résistance, bold graphic black and white tiles will really make a statement. You’ll find that even modern tiles work really well with a traditionally styled roll-top bath.

The beauty of age

We’re not talking about noticing the wrinkles in the mirror of course but of vintage styling which still seems to float many peoples’ boats. It’s great that we don’t just ditch old designs but restore or produce really good copies of the best. Roll top baths have to be one of those early designs which have remained or returned to be sought after eye-candy for the bathroom.


Restored furniture seems to be making a come-back too. But perhaps it is those original features in period houses that are most loved and protected such as original hardwood floors, fireplaces and doors.


For bathrooms consider these features to get that vintage vibe: beautiful modern roll top baths, original wooden floors or hard wearing new ones, antique or retro furniture, up-cycled objects, refurbished furniture. Add touches of modern extravagance like marble subway tiles.


To infinity in the shower

Aesthetically, the feeling of space is more and more sought after and frameless showers certainly extend this idea. Shower cubicles with glass shower doors are now a desirable feature in the bathroom – better than those shower curtains over the bath – and frameless showers make the shower seem boundless. Glass doors are also easier to clean than those plastic shower curtains.


To hit the trendiest of bathrooms, consider white fixtures, wooden floors, walls or counter tops, subway tiles and roll top baths.


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