How a little technology could improve your bathroom

Whether you were born in the technology era and go by the tag of Gen Y or the millennial generation, or just find yourself haphazardly navigating your way through it, the benefits of today’s advancing technology really can help to improve our lives.


Smart technology, gadgets and gizmos seduce us with promises of convenience and shortcuts to ease our daily routines, and whilst some underwhelm us, others really do deliver.


Infrared sensor controlled taps

In an average day we wash our hands a lot, or at least we should. And although we’re not aware that Repetitive Strain Injury is linked to turning taps on and off, a shortcut would be nice. Say hello to the electronic sensor tap that does the job for you.


Apart from the obvious hygiene benefits, a no-touch tap is great for the times when your hands are, well, filthy. We won’t ask how you got them so dirty, but turning a tap on with messy hands only adds to the cleaning up time.


Now if you had a wall-mounted electronic sensor tap at your disposal, the water flow would start and stop at the mere motion of your dirty hands in the sensor area. And with its incorporated auto hygiene flush function, your hands will be squeaky clean too.


Thermostatically controlled, this reliable smart tap also looks the business in your bathroom thanks to its European manufacturing. Available with either a black or white glass screen, the infrared sensor controlled tap also has a blue illuminated halo light around the spout should your hands be too messy to switch on the bathroom light.



Touch screen lighting

Picture the scene if you will. You’ve arrived home and it’s dark. You’re also busting for the toilet. As you dash to the bathroom your arms flail around hoping to catch hold of the elusive light pull for illumination before disaster occurs. Too late. We’ve all been there and it’s not attractive.


If only there was another solution. There is. A wall-mounted remote and touch controlled light switch that illuminates at just the touch of your eager hand. Or if time is of the essence, its handheld remote control can activate the switch before you even reach the bathroom.


Sleek and stylish, touch screen electrical light switches are glass-fronted in black or white with either chrome or glass decorative surrounds. A high-gloss finish completes their daytime look and an illuminated glow makes their whereabouts known at night.


Dimmer switches, electrical plugs and double and single sockets are also available in this range to ensure the rest of your home is up to scratch.

(As with conventional switches, touch switches should be installed just outside the bathroom).


From shower to steam room

Some things just need a good steam to get the creases and wrinkles out. Just like that pesky shirt that needs ironing for work or a special occasion, our bodies can benefit from a rejuvenating steam to iron out the tell tale signs of a great night’s sleep.


So if you’re constantly greeted by the imprint of your pillowcase’s seam on your face in the morning, you need this clever bit of kit to transform your humble shower into an amazing steam room.


Resplendent in red, the aptly named steam room generator is easy to install and complements any contemporary bathroom. Complete with an aromatherapy dispenser and seven steam adjustments, its can swiftly generate enough steam to fill a 2.6m3 area.



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