Big Brother’s explosive new interior

Tick, tock. The tension is already mounting in the Big Brother house as the 16th series gets underway. Say hello to a new batch of fame-hungry wannabes, a new look interior and a new theme: Timebomb.


It’s early days so we’ve yet to see how the new theme will impact on the housemates, but in true BB style we’re sure it will be nothing less than explosive. As always we’re more drawn to the design choices made by the creative team than the contestants’ antics. And we’ve got to hand it to them, coming up with their 16th redesign is no mean feat.


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The casting couch

So what, if any, inspiration can we take away from the latest makeover? Well, for starters there are strong references to the 60s throughout the house, possibly inspired by the popularity of the TV show Mad Men. From the lounge’s huge orange sofa that would easily accommodate the entire cast, to the heavy use of brown, blue and orange, the retro vibe is incredibly strong. However, we doubt the elusive Don Draper would feel at ease here despite the abundance of twentysomethings.


The circular configuration of the sofa may seem like a design-led choice, but has clearly been chosen to play a divisive role in the days and weeks to come. Well, this is Big Brother after all and it pays to stay on your toes. Like lambs to the slaughter, housemates will undoubtedly take advantage of its design to cosy up and get familiar with their competitors, only to feel the full discomfort of face-to-face nominations in exactly the same spot as the competition progresses.


The grooming room

Catering to the excessive grooming that is perpetuated by our celebrity-centric culture, the unisex bedroom not only accommodates beds but also an extensive area for just that. Heavily bejewelled walls and an abundance of sparkling fringing and chandeliers dominate the blue and metallic interior. Throw in sparkly cushions and duvet covers and you’re living the celebrity dream.


The bathing boudoir

As with the entire house, the Big Brother bathroom is completely over the top. But once your eyes have adjusted to its colour palette of brown, bronze and blue, certain design choices make sense and can be utilised in your own schemes.


Take the decorative raised platform that houses the bath. Back in the 60s this would have been referred to as a sunken bath, but today is known as an inset bath. This option is great for raised surfaces and islands, but can also be installed directly into the floor so that it’s flush with the surface.


A generous frameless shower enclosure flaunts the contemporary, whilst its surround harps back to the days of brown Formica. And the shower’s interior appears to boast a rock face, which we can only surmise will symbolise the residents’ upcoming desire to climb the walls.


Other useful features include multiple countertop basins, under sink towel storage and an oversized mirror. Seating is a nice touch in any bathroom, space allowing, but in the Big Brother house it’s there to enable voyeurism. The addition of the floor to ceiling aquarium definitely injects drama, although this bathroom is already anything but understated. For us, it just says SeaWorld. Shudder.


So design junkies, make of it what you will, but be wise with your design decisions if you dare to take inspiration from one of the UK’s most iconic houses.


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