Easy mood-changes for your bathroom

This month IKEA feature ideas for your bathroom which show you how to give the same space and same fixtures really contrasting looks.


They’ve taken a fairly simple white bathroom and shown how either a natural look or adding a riot of colour gives the same room a completely different mood.


Relaxing the natural way




To create this natural paradise, the designer used lots of plants and other natural materials such as baskets and bowls of pebbles. The colour scheme is kept to white, brown and cream with touches of natural wood and lots of green plants. The overall effect is very relaxing.




If you love plants too but this all feels like a jungle, consider adding a more permanent plant feature when you next do a big makeover. We’re talking a green wall to add a permanent green feature. It will love the moisture in the bathroom and most come with their own irrigation systems so you won’t have to worry about watering it.

via Livingetc


If a whole wall seems too much try a green wall in a picture frame! This one is planted with air plants that only need misting.


via Homedit


Colour all the way

If you want your bathroom to wake you up in the morning, then IKEA’s colourful ideas might just be the answer.



What a difference injection of vivid colours make! Primary colours have livened this same space via the rug, the shower curtain, the towels and hooks. Even the flowers are colour-coordinated while at the same time, it just looks like a mish-mash of colours.


Of course you don’t have to use the same vivid colour; you could be more subtle using blues and greens in different shades or shades of pink and blue.


Carla Lane Interiors 



Of course red doesn’t have to scream at you either, it can look sophisticated too:


via Traditional Home


This bright red recycled (or made to look recycled) cabinet shows how to keep vivid colour looking stylish.


Moveable accessories

Remember interchangeable accessories such as towels, curtain or blinds, rugs, containers and of course plants, allow you to change between moods. Maybe you have a preferred winter, cosy look and a bright and breezy summery idea. Accessories make the mood switch easy.


Accessories are also the easiest and cheapest way to update your bathroom alongside redecoration. It’s definitely worth considering if you fancy a bathroom makeover but can’t quite afford the investment of a completely new one.