A bathroom for two

Do you have the luxury of a big enough space for a master bathroom to go with your master bedroom?  If you do why not take advantage to double up on fixtures and make it a true ‘bathroom for two’?


Basins built for two

It’s fairly common place now to see the possibilities for double basins set side-by-side in either one unit or matching units.  No more having to wait for one another to finish your ablutions before you can get in there.  Take a look at the Ebony Black collection but remember it is available in other colours if black isn’t your bag.  For something more neutral take a look at the Line collection.


Doubling up in the shower

Double showers are not uncommon but again it does depend on space.  Sometimes they are a great alternative to a bath for practical reasons.  Though we quite understand if you can’t bear to be without your tub to soak in.  Just tempt yourself with a look at the Studio Shower though.  Tempted?   If that’s not for you Livinghouse has several large walk-in options that will have you drooling.


Maybe you are lucky enough to indulge in two baths.  Now that would be decadent but the perfect answer to make good use of the space and again, really practical.  For this you probably need mansion size rooms but if you want to indulge in real luxury it’s worth considering.  If you haven’t got room for two freestanding baths, what about one freestanding and one built in?  Or maybe the best option, one built for two of you share?


Have we set you thinking?