Adding value with a brand new bathroom

If you are even a vague fashionista who wants to know what the latest trends are, you’ll probably have noticed that fashions this summer are all harking back to the 1970s. For many of us this decade holds no romance at all. It seemed to be the era of so many fashion faux pas.


Long tie-died hippie clothes, fringing and bell bottoms (flares to give them a more up-to-date name) are just some of the fashion horrors lurking around in the 1970s.


Interior design of the period wasn’t much better and unfortunately there are some properties that still bare the marks.


Out of date décor is a big turn-off for property buyers

A recent survey carried out by Barclays Mortgages has revealed that buying a tired property with dated décor is the biggest turn-off for buyers. This comes as no surprise.


But if you’re thinking of moving or can confess to still having some old décor dating back to this period, don’t despair.


In response to the survey, property developers The Quanta Group were quoted in the Daily Mail: ‘These outdated fashions are often exactly the sort of things to look for, for the cost of replacing them can add up to four times as much to the property’s sale price.


‘For example, if you spend £5,000 on removing and replacing 70s and 80s fixtures, you can potentially increase the worth of the property by £15,000 to £20,000 – so in effect you’ve trebled or quadrupled your money.’


That sounds like a good investment. So if you’re thinking of moving or can confess to still having some old décor dating back to this period, don’t despair.


That avocado bath suite

Replacing a tired bathroom suite especially if it is a lovely one in avocado green is an easy way to update your property and improve its value.


Via Mail Online


It’s not hard to believe this is it? Those dingy green bathrooms scream bad taste and out-datedness.


What would you choose in its place? We’d probably stick to a chic all white bathroom with colour touches in the decor or accessories.  Certainly neutral shades seem easier for most people to live with and certainly for potential buyers to consider if you’re planning to sell on.


Stylish and modern

If we were upgrading our bathroom now we’d start by looking at the great range of styles on our website of course. Every style is catered for from simple modern to traditional to stylishly contemporary.


Whether you favour wall hung fixtures i.e. toilets, basins and bidets or back to the wall versions, you will find something to suit amongst our range.  Baths come as freestanding or built-in versions but are all really good quality and design. Many are made from a rigid stone resin material which is long-lasting and wears so much better than acrylic. Again there are styles to complement everyone’s tastes and the space you have available.


If your bathroom must include a shower then we have bath screens as well as slick enclosures and flush shower trays. And we haven’t even mentioned the amazing rainfall shower heads yet. In fact we have everything you need to upgrade your bathroom to the best. We can even offer you the 21st century version of a coloured bath! But we bet you’ll love this unlike those avocado ones.


The Red Cleo Bath

The Red Cleo Bath


Of course we also have all the accessories you need from light switches to door handles, radiators to mirrors, TVs suitable for the bathroom to complete steam room kits. Your dream bathroom is waiting for you and remember it will add thousands to the value of your property.