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Kit 6 - 3.4kw Steam Room Generator in Black (90M)

Kit 6 - 3.4kw Steam Room Generator in Black (90M)

This contemporary looking steam room generator is designed to be installed within a steam or shower enclosure and generate steam straight into the area, allowing power saving due to the shortened steam line of remotely situated steam generators. Styled to looked good, this steam generator can also be retrospectively fitted within an existing shower enclosure allowing the easy installation of a luxury steam shower.Each generator is only 3.4 KW and allows good steam generation to a maximum cubic area of up to 2.6m3 (this would usually require at least 2 insulated walls)

Power saving 3.4 kilowatt generator

Aromatherapy oil dispenser.

Automatic draining.

Quick steam generation

* Stylish & quality black design.

* Up to 2.6m3 steam area.

* 7 steam generation adjustments.

* Can be retro-fitting into showers.

* Easy installation.

* Tel 01722 415000 for helpline.

* Discontinued product.