Wall Tile Choices

Tiles are probably the most important choice for any bathroom. Wall tiles can brighten or darken your bathroom atmosphere, depending on how you want your bathroom to feel.
If you don’t consider the actual material, you could end up with a very different atmosphere to the one you intended. It is essential to remember that some glossier materials used for wall tiles reflect light while other ones like matt will absorb it. Another consideration – and a fairly obvious one at that – is that different materials will have different colours and textures.

Stone Mosaics
Stone mosaics are one of the classic choices of wall tile, this design dating back thousands of years. Mosaics are made with cubic pieces of stone which can be coloured to preference. You can have patterns by using different colours or a simpler design of a single colour or two similar colours.

Other Mosaics
Mosaics come in other materials such as glass. As has been mentioned, design might be important, but the material itself is as equally as important a consideration. Stone does not reflect light as might, for example glass.

Stone Pebbles
Having stone pebble wall designs will give your bathroom a very natural look, and is an ideal choice for those who want their bathroom experiences to be a little less sterile-feeling than many modern bathrooms might promote. There are many different types of stone pebble wall designs for your bathroom, and they come in many different colours.

Much like stone pebble designs, limestone wall tiles are ideal for those looking to make their bathroom a little more natural feeling. However, limestone wall tiles maintain the symmetry of cubic tiles that stone pebble designs lack. As a material itself, limestone is as pleasant to the touch as it is to look at, and it comes in many soothing colours which would compliment your bathroom’s atmosphere perfectly. Travertine is a type of limestone that is also popular as wall tile material. It comes in rich, light, creamy colours.

Glass Blocks
A fairly recent innovation when compared to age old designs like limestone tiles, glass blocks give off a more modern feeling and would not be found in more rustic bathrooms. Being more transparent encourages light and will most likely give your bathroom a brighter feel.

Whatever your preference, wall tiles are an obvious choice for bathrooms – easy to clean and they go on looking good forever!

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