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Toilet developments

Modern toilets are things of wonder. They make a very natural function easy to deal with and dispose of with modern plumbing and sewers. Most people in the UK are now hooked up to the sewage systems, and toilets have come a long way since those old, outdoor latrines that most gardens once housed.


Toilet design

From holes in the ground to a plank and a bucket, the nineteenth century saw the first flushing toilet to catch on. With the installation of sewer systems, this made the whole process cleaner and reduced disease.


This first type of loo is attributed to Thomas Crapper, but his invention only built on earlier ones dating way back to the 16th century.




Nowadays the design has been refined and pipe work is usually completely hidden either behind the wall or encased in an enclosed cistern.


Design of course is an evolving process so although the changes might not be major, they continue to refine our toilets.


Most expensive toilet

With these advancements people choose to make their toilets evermore exclusive. From a gold one costing around £5million to an automated ‘all singing, all dancing’ version at $6,500.


The latter is the Numi toilet made by Kohler and appears to be available only on the American continent. It does have a very sleek appearance and claims to be the finest in comfort and cleanliness and to be the most water efficient but would you pay $6,500 for it?



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