Installing a Sauna or a Steam Room

You might think that the only choice you need to make when installing a steam room or sauna is deciding between the two. But there are actually many different types of saunas and steam rooms and as many ways to install them.

It is worth noting that because of the extreme heat of the sauna and the high levels of humidity in steam rooms, both need to be built as individual units. You cannot simply convert your spare room into a steam room without either damaging your house or having extensive knowledge of what you are doing. If you are looking to turn an entire room into a steam room or a sauna, there are plenty of professionals who are willing to help, and we certainly recommend you seek their advice.

Sauna units come in many sizes, the smallest being a made-for-one size booth which can be placed either inside or outside. If you have some skill in handiwork, you can purchase ‘sauna’ kits, which you put together yourself. Since the only other thing saunas need apart from a floor, walls and roof is a heater to place the stones on, it is relatively simple to put one together. Some units are even portable, meaning that you can change the location of your sauna by deconstructing it and building it somewhere else.

For many years steam rooms have been the preserve of top hotels and health clubs, thus making the experience a one off pampering treatment.
Now, a Shower Steam room system has been devised to allow for the easy, economical and safe installation of a steam room within your own home. They need to be airtight to prevent steam escaping, and they need a steam generator built in. They are available in sizes from 800mm x 800mm steam shower right up to a large multiple person steam room for the more social.

You can install other things in your steam shower room such as water massage jets, and some people have even installed waterproof screens so they can watch TV while in their steam rooms.

One major advantage of a steam room is that the majority of the cost is already covered in the cost of the shower installation, making a steam room realistically affordable for a lot of bathrooms.

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