What do you wish you had in your home?

Have you got a spare room or space in your home that you’d like to turn into …..? Or do you just crave a special space for something? Maybe it’s a typical man’s den where you watch any sport you want uninterrupted? Or a mini library or reading room, maybe a separate TV or movie room or perhaps just an en suite?


It could be that your cravings are more about technology than space, i.e. a huge movie projector or a surround sound system. Or the ultimate in pampering – a steam room.


Making your dreams come true

Showering has really gained ground over the last few decades. Now there are so many styles of showers with screens, wall panels and shower trays, there is bound to be something that catches your eye. And if there isn’t, bespoke can be the order of the day.


Wet rooms

If you have the space, or if you just hate the thought of being cooped up in a glass cubicle, an open wet room could be for you. Originating on the Continent, wet rooms are spacious with no confines – unless you want them.


Systems are available like Aquafloor which makes it possible for you to waterproof your whole floor. Kits come with hidden shower trays which have a built in gradient for easy draining. They also have suitable drains and grills. This useful installation video gives you instructions to follow every step of the way.


Of course there are numerous glass panels that you can add to a wet room if you feel just too exposed.


A steam showersteam room

These are mostly found in health spas and hotels, but you can have one at home too! Surprisingly, the expense isn’t much more than the cost of installing the actual shower.


The Aqua Shower Steam room kit is available for anything from average-sized to multi-person showers. They are easy and safe to install, and economical too. The only parts you need for a steam room are:

  • A steam generator
  • A steam generator control
  • An outlet for the steam
  • A tanking board


You can also add a steam proof seat that folds down to relax on and catch the vibe. Tempted?


The benefits

It’s not just the pleasure of relaxing in a steam shower that’s good for you. There are many benefits, which is why they are so popular in health spas:


  • Sweating helps clear your body of toxins by as much as 30%
  • Raising your core temperature kills off harmful micro-organisms
  • Blood flow is improved as the heat causes the veins to swell – and you’ll be left with glowing skin
  • Steam is good for respiratory diseases such as asthma
  • It is relaxing for your mind and body
  • Steam can help improve the appearance of cellulite
  • The heat and steam help to alleviate pain for chronic sufferers and is great for assisting pain management


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