Freestanding Bath Fillers for Convenience and Luxury

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in a relaxing bath after a hard day’s work? It’s a perfect way to pamper yourself and gratify the senses. To prepare that dream bath, one must pay as much attention to the taps as is paid to the bath tub itself.


There are so many bath filler options available; it’s important to choose a spout that not only fits with your bathroom design, but works effectively too. If you have a beautiful freestanding bath, you’ll want a contemporary filler spout so the design seamlessly matches the bath’s style. These can be freestanding taps with built-in controls, or a wall-mounted spout with separate mixer handles for hot and cold water. Which do you prefer?


Bath fillers come in a wide range of finishes including chrome, nickel, gold and stainless steel for a chic look. Whatever your bathroom style, you can find a finish that enhances or accentuates the design.


These luxury fittings are affordable, with styles to suit any bathroom, whether modern or traditional. So for a luxurious bath it’s worth investing in quality freestanding bath fillers.



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