Cooling down under the shower

We’ve almost been lulled into a false sense of security.  The sun keeps shining and the temperatures are blisteringly hot. Every day we wake to blue skies … it’s like living in another country.


In many other countries, the guaranteed good weather often means properties come with pools.  And alongside it’s not surprising to find an outdoor shower.  This is great for washing off chlorine after a dip.


Does our great weather have you hankering after a shower in your garden if only to cool down?  Even if we can’t afford the pool or the glamorous lifestyle, we could take our temperatures down and dream.


OK indoors it is

Even if it doesn’t seem as exotic, there’s always your shower indoors.  Maybe you want to think about fitting one in your downstairs cloakroom if you have space for it.  Maybe you’re just relying on your trusty en suite or family shower.  No matter which it is, they all come with a cold setting!


What sort of shower?

If you’ve been spurred onto to upgrade your shower, you have a wide choice available.  From enclosed to partitioned off shower spaces and even wet rooms.  But the X-factor or design-factor has reached every component including those on-show shower heads.


What about body jet sprays that are designed to target your body from your chosen angles?  Think how invigorating that would be.  Of course you won’t be surprised to find that the fine collection at Livinghouse covers a wide range in keeping with a style of your choice.


…Or you could just have a look some more of these outdoor showers and imagine cooling off under one on a hot day like today!


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