Bathrooms of the Future

Technology is taking over our space for personal hygiene – the bathroom. Already there are developments to help us enjoy sheer luxury in this room and in the future we look forward to more elaborate ways of getting clean and enjoying the experience.



From a shower that can offer rain and mist, to one that has a memory! RainBrain is a smart shower that stores your favourite settings from flow pattern to pressure and temperature. You control it all through a touch screen control panel. It will even stream your favourite music through its Bluetooth connection.

Graff Aquasense (© Graff )

Graff Aquasense (©Graff )

Want to enhance your mood and your health at the same time as showering? There’s a shower for that too. This ceiling shower with speakers not only does all of the above, but also contains LEDS which change colour automatically. Known as Chromotherapy; this is great for mood and health. Did you know that violet helps to relax your muscles and yellow helps your digestion?


The Australian CINTEP shower is eco friendly. It recycles about 70% of the water it uses by filtering and recirculating it. In fact for every litre it uses, it magically recycles 3.3 litres. Confused? Basically the shower fills with three litres of clean, unfiltered water before you take your shower. Throughout your showering time, 70% of the water will be filtered and treated using pasteurisation and no chemicals. At the end of your shower, all the water will drain away so that each shower starts with clean water. It also uses 40 – 70% less energy than a traditional shower because it doesn’t have to heat as much water.


The developer says that this could mean a saving of between 5,000 – 10,000 gallons of water per person per year.  Brilliant.


Tiles that control the lights

Taptile is a lighting system that uses Wi-Fi to control your bathroom lights. No more light pulls – just touch the tile to activate!



Cybertecture (©Tech2o)

Cybertecture (©Tech2o)

Cybertecture Mirror is essentially a huge touch screen connected to the Internet. With a touch of this ‘screen’ you can watch the news, check the weather, and check your messages. You can even log on to your social media, can indulge your Facebook addiction in the bathroom – all during your morning routine. It will also help you to keep a check on your health status and keep fit with its many exercise programmes.

Oh, and it also works as a bathroom mirror of course.


Meanwhile the Good Morning Mirror incorporates a TV screen so you can watch your favourite programme while you’re getting ready.

Good Morning Mirror TV

Good Morning Mirror TV


Hi tech toilet

They’ve long been available in Japan, but it seems the UK market is now taking an interest in high-tech toilets like those produced by TOTO. What’s so special about them? Motorised, heated seats; a built-in deodoriser; they also work as a bidet with wash jets and automatic air-drying!


Keep your eyes on these innovations for the future.


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