Artistic ways with chalk

Do any of our local readers remember Mo’s Restaurant in Salisbury? It is asking you to stretch back into the distant reaches of your memory as we are talking circa 1985.

Those that have vague recollections may remember the eclectically dressed arms that held up the stair balustrade or even the chalk board walls in the toilets.


The toilets, named Fanny’s and Dick’s, had three walls above the dado rail painted in chalkboard paint. The thinking behind it must have been that visitors to public loos often deface them, so why not give them an inviting surface and encourage them?

A blackboard can at least be cleaned easily with no need for scrubbing or tins of paint. As far as our collective memory goes, we don’t remember anything particularly obscene featuring on them either.


In your home

We’ve seen blackboard paint used in playrooms for children giving them permission to chalk on the walls, a favourite temptation for tiny tots. We’ve also seen it used in kitchens as a reminder space or a place for the shopping list.


What about the bathroom?

In a post by Apartment Therapy we see it’s being suggested for this private room.


Their reasoning is that because the bathroom is often a smallish space it is left wide open for design experimentation. People don’t feel so intimidated by the restraint of a smaller space maybe. If it’s your own private bathroom then maybe that’s OK and of course it could be fun in a cloakroom that visitors use as well.



This little room was decorated with chalk on a blackboard by an artist including the beautifully executed wood panelling. Great idea as long as you seal it … but then you compromise one of a chalk board’s charms i.e. that it is changeable.



Similarly this small bathroom has a full blackboard of phrases and sketches apparently inspired by Hollywood films. It is so full that visitors may be less keen to add their remarks as they won’t find a space.



Apartment Therapy led with this bathroom chalkboard with delicate, refined, drawn on decoration which has been updated with the addition of a real mirror in the right-hand picture. Again the wall decoration is relatively subtle and looks like a wall paper design. The beauty is that you can change it very simply – although it would take quite some time and patience.


Calling all graffiti artist friends

We don’t suppose many of you have the pleasure of inviting someone as talented as Banksy to visit your home and ‘scrawl’ on your chalkboard walls. But if you do have artist friends why not start with one chalkboard wall and ask them to decorate it?


If you are seriously worried about any unwanted chalk additions being added to your wall boards, don’t give visitors the option. Make sure that all chalks or drawing materials are completely tidied away and out of sight between intentional chalk decorating sessions!


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